Фестивалите и Тренировъчните лагери ще се проведат по обявените програми и условия!

Children tournament

Deadline for registration 25 July 2021

Sunday, 25 July, 2021
16.00 – International training camp

Thursday, 29. July, 2021
14.30 – Opening ceremony
- Preliminary groups kids 12 y.o.  – boys and girls

Friday, 30. July, 2021

9.00 - Preliminary groups kids 15 y.o. – boys and girls

14.30 - Preliminary groups kids 18 y.o. – boys and girls

18.30 - Main Draws 12 y.o. Boys and girls - 1st & 2nd round

Saturday, 01. August, 2021

9.00 - Main Draws 12 y.o. Boys and girls including final;

13.30 - Main Draws 15 y.o. Boys and girls including final;

18.30 - Main Draws 18 y.o. Boys and girls - 1st & 2nd round

Sunday, 02. August, 2021

9.30 - Main Draws 18 y.o. Boys and girls including final;

11.00 - Finals all ages

Official balls for the Festival "Red+Black ***" ITTF


Download tournament regulations here

The organizing committee has the right to change the program if necessary!

The ranked 1st and 2nd in every preliminary group has the right to play in final A; the ranked 3rd and 4th continue in final B; 5th and 6th continue in consolation tournament, with knock out system. Finals A and B are played in progressive elimination for exact place. The participants in the preliminary groups will not be less than 5, the groups will be decided by the number of participants.

Applications for participation after the registration deadline for each tournament will be accepted if there is a possibility to include the competitor in the tournament and the participant will have to pay double fee.

Participation fees

20 EUR/category

15 EUR - attendant

60 EUR - training camp/5 days

90 EUR - training camp /9 days

15 EUR per day up to 3 times

Players not accomodated by the organizers pay double fee.


All champions - cup + medal + prizes

All prizers - medal + prizes

Invitation Albena 2021

albena kids

albena open and veterans


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